Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is almost here, time to dust off the blog!

I know I've been a blog slacker lately, but life has been, well, nuts. Between moving to a new building next year (SUPER EXCITED!!!), and all the grief that my class this year has been giving me, I just come home and collapse!

However, I'm branching out into the world of online retailing (see my link on the right!) and would like to build more of a friends and family following on this blog and my craft blog. So...I'm not promising miracles or anything, but you will be hearing from us again! And just to leave you with some Oliver and Mackenzie (Oliver's new little first cousin!) cuteness...
Lil Miss Mac' and her adoring auntie Sharla!
Gone Fishin!
Love me some Ollie kisses!
You can't see me!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hide and Seek!

This past Mid-Winter break Oliver and I got to go out and enjoy the AMAZING weather we were having with our friends Mommybrain and her two little ones, NHV and CJV. CJV, being only two months old, snoozed away in her Ergo carrier while Mommybrain and I got to catch up. NHV is Oliver's age, and the two of them had a BLAST! Cougar Mtn Zoo in Issaquah was great; it's small enough the little ones could pretty much go anywhere and never be out of sight. The best part for me, besides catching up with my fellow mommy friend, was watching Oliver and NHV play. There will be another post just for the shots of them holding hands (almost made me cry!), but first, a rousing game of Hide-N-Seek!
Hmmm...I wonder who's dinosaur boots those are...
Yep! I was right! It's Oliver! What a little rascal...
Along comes his friend NHV...I think she knows something is up...She is a smart girl after all!
Oh my goodness! That scoundrel Oliver is trying to SCARE HER! Silly boy! Don't you know girls love that sort of thing?!?!
Ummm...Oliver? I think the gig is up. She has you soooo figured out!

Good times! Thanks, Mommybrain, for getting us out of the house and showing us such a nice time!

Etsy shop!!!

I have successfully just listed my first items for sale in my shop!!! Please check out my craft blog (link on the right) for pictures and information!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Turtles, Yookidoo, and our happy son

We have had a music box for Oliver's bedtime that projected a rotating night sky scene on the ceiling since he was about 6 months old. We seriously went though THREE of them, trying to sleep without his "up above" was near impossible (he calls it his "up above" because his preferred song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star). As each device was used an average of 60 minutes EVERY night, the motors in the rotation gizmo inevitably died after about 6 months, making a horrid grinding noise on it's way out. Well, this week he hadn't been getting to sleep very well because it was "too noi-zee", AKA motor about to die. Desperate for a more permanent solution, I went on an Internet search for a nightlight that would project on his ceiling.
Before I get to my sweet, amazing find, a bit of backstory. Mom D, Mom H, Papa, I love you all, but we're going to butt heads here...As a child, I was TERRIFIED of the dark. Like wet the bed so you don't have to get out terrified. I can remember having nightlights, but I also remember having to open curtains to let in more light because I was scared, then being told I had to close them, and I didn't understand why it had to be so cotton picking dark! (As an adult, I totally get the whole "freaks can look in the windows" and "you will sleep in better on a Saturday so the adults can get more sleep if your curtains are shut" thing). On the other hand, seriously?!?! Why did the night light have to either be taken away or shut off after we fell asleep? I know in Middle School I started reading to it instead of sleeping, so I get that one, but in grade school I do remember not always having a night light and being so terrified I couldn't sleep if I woke in the middle of the night.

Shawn had the same fear of the dark, but he hardly ever got a night light. Shawn and I both said that we never want Oliver to have the same level of fear (everyone at some point will be scared of the dark, it's human!), so as soon as he was showing us that he liked a bit of light if he woke up, we were more purposeful in using his "up above". Oliver, if he woke in the night when he was still in his crib, would cry if he woke up, but a quick set of the timer and he was back off to la-la land. After getting into his big boy bed, he would get up himself and hit the buttons to turn it back on. So, back to our problem with the grinding, noi-zee music box...

After searching, I found several hokey star projectors, but nothing that was like what we currently have. Then I stumbled upon the "Twilight Turtle"...Man oh man. It's cute, throws loads of stars up on the ceiling, easy to find (Babies R Us and Go To Your Room in Bellevue all carry it), easy for Oliver to turn on or change colors (he had it figured out in 30 seconds flat) and affordable. We picked it up last night, and our prayers are answered!
Now, on to the most fun we have EVER had in the tub...the YooKidoo "Stack and Stream Tub Fountain". Seriously, this thing is CRAZY fun! The 5 pieces can be stacked on in loads of ways, the two little creatures squirt water out of their heads in ways that makes Oliver giggle, the light blue boat has a yellow paddle wheel that pops up and spins in the fountain, and he just has a BALL with it. It's built very well, and I can see that this will be one we keep for a looooooong time. Yookidoo has another one that suction cups to the tub wall and is a faucet type toy, I'm on the lookout for that one too! I found this at Tree Top Toys in Redmond (next to Ben Franklin, or as I like to call it "craftaholic crack"). Good times, good times!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My HANDS DOWN favs of 2009!

These are my favorite of the year. I know it's completely subjective, but I welcome comments! (don't forget to scroll down and see the other 2 posts related to my favorite picts of 2009)

Fourth of July. Playing on a beach. You get the feel of the sun, the smoothness of Oliver's skin, and his concentration on the task at hand.
Seriously? Nuff said. LOL! I don't think Shawn and I take enough pictures of each other, so I really love it when one comes out good!

HAAAA-HAHHHHHAAAAA! Crazy eyes! Crazy eyes!

Another Montana shot. Love the light, the colors, the timelessness of little boy jeans.

Talk about getting the right angle!

And for the grand finale...

The shot that made me start crying when I pulled it up on the computer...Oliver and my dad.

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2010 be as bright and as happy as you deserve!

2009 in pictures, Part 2

Here we go, round 2...
This was taken at my parent's new retirement pad in Montana. There was just something about the light that day. I think three in this set of 25ish "2009 Favs" comes from this day.

Ollie putting himself in the sink.

I like the reflection of me taking the picture in the goggles. Dada wore them to snowmobile in Bozeman when we went in Feb.

Still. Quiet. Rosey cheeks.

First time trick or treating. I love this one-kid looking out the window, mom looking out of the door, and the color! Ok, it's the cowboy that I'm partial to!

Coming home from Spokane after my 1/2 marathon. Oliver was pretty entranced with riding on a vehicle that didn't require a car seat.

Pearrygin Lake State Park, early one morning. This is where I grew up, and seeing Oliver at the beach where I spent enormous amounts of time was pretty cool. The lake was so still the reflections were amazing. The contrast of his red/orange to the brown and green is pretty nice too.

Same camping trip, wearing Daddo's hat.

Future gituar hero. Love the blur in this one, it shows how hard he was jamming out.

At the 3-D movie. I makes me sad to see how grown up this one feels.

2009, review of my favorite pictures from the year PART 1

I am working on wrapping up my Project 365 for 2009 (note to self, don't do that again! Whew!), I've been going through the 9,000+ photos we took this year and I realized a couple of things...

1. We take too many pictures! Maybe without having to feel like I need to get a "Picture of the Day" for Project 365, we'll be a bit more selective.
2. Oliver is stinkin funny!
3. I think photography is my new addiciton...

In this post and the next two that follow, I'd like to share some shots that either made me laugh, made me want to kiss all over my boys, or were just darn good. Shawn will probably disagree with my choices, but hey, it's my blog!

Haa-haa! Patting the belly for a job well done!

Oh no! We sank the Titanic??!?!


Steph and Maui wiped out after watching Oliver.

I know it's blury, but that's part of why I love it.

Captures Mr. GoofyPants in action. He was playing in his new "fweep-fops"
No WAY Uncle David! NO WAY am I touching that worm!

First you lick, then shoot, then suck? (Just kidding! He got to drink some lemonade before we made our summer coolers!)
Hey Dada! I can touch the sky! I really love this of the two of them. Sigh. My boys!