Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Evil Empire of Thomas the Tank Engine

Ok, so I'll admit it, Shawn and I need to go to a 12 step program for Thomas the Tank Engine. WE love the show, WE love the toys. WE need help.

Notice that Daddy is playing with the trains while Oliver has moved on?

Let me go back to where it all began. Shawn. A little boy. Going to Montana on the Amtrack Empire Builder with his mom and siblings to visit family. Loving all that had to do with trains. Flash forward to December 2007. Shawn, Carrie and Oliver sitting in our "sleeper car" (HA! That's a story for another time!). Oliver was mesmerized by the cars that would whiz past on the other line.

All the other moms were talking about how much fun Thomas was, how versatile the toys, how stimulating the play was. Sucker rookie mom starts letting, gasp, her son WATCH TV, but only Thomas (due to it's supposed "educational value"). BIG PROBLEM!!!! Who can resist their barely walking son (this was during the summer) dancing, swaying, and clapping to the Thomas theme song? Evil, evil Brits!

When we read books after this "Thomas Exposure" that had trains in them, little man always piped in with a "choo-choo!". So what are any good, loving parents to do for Christmas? Feed the addiction of course!

Black Friday rolls around and Shawn found a smokin' deal on the Thomas play table. According to his Microsoft Dads boards, it was the "must have" for any Thomas collection. Thus it began...He got Thomas gifts from family, but then...

Dad and Mom found out about...EASTSIDE TRAINS. I kid you not, Shawn and I hit that store at naptime. Oliver was OUT COLD. Like a limp noodle in my arms almost the entire time (until I had to pass him off to Dad because my arms were dying). WE WENT NUTS. CRAZY. Yes, Eastside Trains has a "Thomas Club" where we get 25% off of everything, but we still did some serious damage. The worst part? (get ready for a predction here...) SHAWN WAS TOTALLY DROOLING OVER THE MODEL TRAINS. I'm pretty sure that model trains will be something that the Alexander men will be having fun with while I'm scrapbooking.
Are they EVER going to put this together and put it in my room?!?!?!