Monday, February 16, 2009

Just for Mavis and Tianna

Ok, so I was doing some layouts in Jan about the Sorenson "Baby Thiefs". Mavis is the one we ALL know about (Perry, Laura, Kolby, and Justin chime in here...), but I thought it totally funny that the person who showed up in photos "stealing" Oliver at Ryan's wedding wasn't Mavis but...TIANNA! HA! These pages are going in Oliver's book. Love you ladies! Mavis, you make Shawn feel like a bit of Lavonne is here loving on the boy, and Tianna, has to be genetic! Love you both!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seriously, you have to check this out

Ok, new guilty addiction going onto my "watched Blogs" bar. The Pioneer Woman ROCKS. She cooks, she remodels, she homeschools her 4 "punks" (which deep in my heart is what I wish I could do with lil man so he never had to face the hurt of kids who don't know what it means to be a good person), she gushes over her cowboy hubby. Sigh. I could seriously live her life. Of course, I'm deathly allergic to horses, so it's not an option, not to mention Shawn's serious case of the "Citys". He could TOTALLY be a small town man, but I can't get him to realize this. I miss my small town, miss knowing the people I see in the store, miss feeling safe leaving my doors unlocked. Oh well. The things you do for love.

Speaking of love, Shawn is so funny. For Valentine's Day, I had some fun with Photoshop. I made Shawn some framed picts of Oliver and of our wedding day to show him our love.

He came in after work, no presents in hand. Oh well, I thought. No biggie. We're trying to watch our pennies for our down payment on a new house, so no big deal. I was completely happy with the "Happy V-day!" emails and texts, I just like to know I'm being thought about...About an hour after he came home, he went out to his truck and brought in CHOCOLATE, ROSES, SPA GIFT CERTIFICATE, and CRAZY SWEET CARD! He was disappointed that I didn't get mad that there was no V-day gift. Silly boy! I've become so much less about "things" since Olllie came that I was just happy that we had the energy to hug and kiss after work.

Speaking of kisses and Oliver... (no, there's not another baby on the way, Momma has a few goals in mind for the next year before we think about that, more to come later...). Oliver is totally hilarious when we are smooching. If one of us is holding him up when we kiss, Ollie will actually take his hands and push our heads together. Too cute! He's gotten so good at showing his love lately. He gives hugs out freely, smooches Momma when she's putting him in the car seat, and says "luv you!" at bedtime. Sigh.

Love my boys!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blogger photo issues

I hate blogger's photo issues. The captions don't match, but you are all smart adults. I'm sure you'll figure it out!

New pictures, as promised!

Eating a pear, down to the very core.

Hiding in a suitcase. All in a day's work if you are

Totally wiped out after playing hard at Kori's house.
Chillin in our new backpack. Hard life, but someone has to do it!
Computer time. Shawn is totally in love with how cute the tootsies are in this one!


I know, I know. I should post more pictures. Photos of the park and an adventure with a pear coming tonight... Until then, I will leave you with a list of Ollieisms. He is talking tons (who would have imagined with two such quiet parents?!?!?), but sometimes he needs a translator.

buy-eesh=brush (chanted at bedtime when he wants to zap us with the vibrating sonicare)
on, On, ON, ONNNNNNN!!=Momma, I really don't like that radio station, can you please kindly change the channel?
buk=garbage can (no idea where this one came from!)
aaaa-dun=all done (accompanied by throwing food from his plate if we don't immedatly get him down from the chair!)
WALL-E=ok, no translation needed, but since we watch it probably SEVEN TIMES A WEEK it gets on the list
Kor-gi=Kori, his daycare provider
pog-gorn=popcorn, usually eaten while we watch WALL-E, AGAIN
Hi Bay-bee!=said as he greets us in the morning, or when we catch him getting into something he shouldn't be into (he thinks cute solves every problem...he's right)
Mau-mau=Maui the cat. Funny because it's what I call the cat too. Maui is actually letting Oliver touch him now that he isn't trying to drag him around by the tail...
Ni-nite=goodnight. He'll actually say this when we are rocking at bedtime when he wants to go to sleep. So sweet!
Luvb you=Love you!

Love my boy.