Friday, February 26, 2010

Hide and Seek!

This past Mid-Winter break Oliver and I got to go out and enjoy the AMAZING weather we were having with our friends Mommybrain and her two little ones, NHV and CJV. CJV, being only two months old, snoozed away in her Ergo carrier while Mommybrain and I got to catch up. NHV is Oliver's age, and the two of them had a BLAST! Cougar Mtn Zoo in Issaquah was great; it's small enough the little ones could pretty much go anywhere and never be out of sight. The best part for me, besides catching up with my fellow mommy friend, was watching Oliver and NHV play. There will be another post just for the shots of them holding hands (almost made me cry!), but first, a rousing game of Hide-N-Seek!
Hmmm...I wonder who's dinosaur boots those are...
Yep! I was right! It's Oliver! What a little rascal...
Along comes his friend NHV...I think she knows something is up...She is a smart girl after all!
Oh my goodness! That scoundrel Oliver is trying to SCARE HER! Silly boy! Don't you know girls love that sort of thing?!?!
Ummm...Oliver? I think the gig is up. She has you soooo figured out!

Good times! Thanks, Mommybrain, for getting us out of the house and showing us such a nice time!

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MommyBrain said...

Great photos! What a beautiful and FUN-filled day! Thanks for joining us on one of your days off ... that working full-time stuff is for the birds!

You did fail to mention that NHV laughed until she puked during this little game of hide-and-seek!