Monday, September 28, 2009

Joining Along with this MeMe craziness!

My friend Dana and her pal Supah Mommy have started a fun little blog hop called All about Meme Mondays. This week is.....

What are the 5 items I would die without on a daily basis?
Photo courtesy of PatrickQ on Flickr

Photo courtesy of slowburn on Flickr
2. iPhone. Yes, I went to the dark side. Scarey thing is I have apps now just to entertain Oliver and he TOTALLY knows how to use my phone!

3. Keys. To the car. My classroom. My house. My mailbox. My cabinet at work where I hide the chocolate from my students (oh, and my purse, but the chocolate is more important...).

4. Ice Water. Not warm, not fizzy, not room temp. ICE water. I might be a "water snob" here, but I've discovered it's really the only way I like it.

5. Rubberband for my hair. While I love my long hair, it ALWAYS ends up off my face in a ponytail of some kind by the end of the day! My current obsession is braids. Yes, I know I am 35. Who cares if I still wear my hair like I did when I was a 24 year old camp counselor?!?!?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wish to be better

I wish to be better at:
showing those that I care about how I feel
that I don't take their love for granted
that I see what they do for me

I wish to be better at:
showing my son what it means to live
to live, not to exist, but to LIVE
life is not about what is coming next;
it's about appreciating the moment you are in
and hoping the next will be as good or better

I wish to be better at:
showing my husband what I need
not just expecting him to know
not expecting him to feel the same way I do

I wish to be better at:
managing my money
it's not my childhood
food will come, needs will be met
it doesn't matter what you have

I wish to be better at:
not being so hard on myself
I'm a GOOD teacher! I'm a GREAT mom!
I'm a GOOD person, and striving to be more so

I wish to be better at:
Letting go
Letting God

I wish to be better at:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lunch in a Muffin Tin

Thanks to my friend Dana and her fab Toddlerbrain blog, I tried something new the other day to maybe entice Oliver to try some veggies. Basically, you take a muffin tin and fill the spots with food choices. Lil man didn't quite know what to think, but he dove right into his favorites once he figured out what was going on. He DID try some veggies, so it was a success in my mind!


Darn it! Little bugger just sucked the ranch off the broccoli and rejected the rest! Stinker!

The "before" shot, with all of his choices. Top: banana, hot dog, corn. Middle: goldfish, peas. Bottom: broccoli trees, chunks of cheese, cantaloupe, mixed veg in butter sauce

The "after" shot. Notice that the level of all things veggie is pretty much the same! Oh well, it was still fun to try, and I'm sure we'll be doing it again. Thanks again Dana!

Mouth Pee-pee's

Long time, no post, sorry! Back to school time is always nuts. I'm back in the groove of things though, so back to posting!

I've got a good one for you tonight. Oliver, as many two year olds are, is really interested in what bodies look like and do. Recently, it's been Dada's mouth that has been the source of interest.

As Oliver examined Shawn's uvula (hangie downie thingie at the back of your throat) the other night, he gasped in surprise. "DADA! MAMA! MOUTH PEE-PEE! DADA MOUTH PEE-PEE!!!" I think Shawn and I were going to die of laughter.
Then came the crowning glory. Having just watched the "Finding Nemo" whale scene, Oliver then grabbed the top and bottom of Shawn's jaws, wrenched them open, and proceeded to yell "NEEEEE-MOOOOO!! NEMO! NEMO!" down Shawn's throat. Smart boy putting that scene set in the whale's mouth together with Dad's anatomy!
Then of course he tried to take Shawn's tonsils out because he's going to be a doctor some day...
Love my boy!