Friday, April 24, 2009

As promised, although late!

Has it seriously been a month since posting? Bad blog mama, bad!

On the horizon for me is some time to get projects done as I have a STUDENT TEACHER taking my crazies for 6 weeks. I have a full list, but maybe, just maybe I'll be able to make sense of the nuttienes that is our photo files. Last count? Over 20, 000 picts since Oliver's birth. Yes, I typed that number correctly!!! Crazy what the digital age has brought!

Now, without further blathering on my part, an update about the last month. BUSY Oliver did in fact faceplant onto poor Kori's floor Thursday, resulting in a nice goose egg on his forehead, bruised up lip, and a BROKEN nose!!! ER visit #2 and counting...
This photo was taken when the swelling was the worst.

He recovered crazy quick (hoping he's a quick healer like Dada!), and was ready to party with his cousin Eli at the Marnier's game the very next night.
The West Virgina Alexander's came for a visit, and Oliver got to meet his cousin Eli who is about two months older and probably the world's sweetest, mellowest boy ever. Seriously, his sleep schedule/nap schedule was all messed up and I never, and I do mean NEVER saw him get grumpy about it! We go 10 minutes past when Oliver should be down for a nap and the world is coming to an end at our house. Eli is so good natured, he was a joy to be around.
The boys had a great time until Sunday when Oliver decided that he didn't want to share, he didn't want to play nice, or be even remotely polite. I'm his mom, so I can say this (even though no one else is allowed to...) He was a COMPLETE BRAT Sunday! Check out the pout when Dada had the NERVE to let another boy play with OLIVER'S bubbles!
Seems like he got over it in time to go to the Children's Museum on Monday though!
Hopefully we'll find a playgroup this summer to work on our "learn to play nice with kids your own age" skills. Most of the kids he's around are older and adore him to the point that he's the boss. Must be tough...
I'll post within the next couple of days about some Spring Break fun, and Oliver's latest accomplishment...A BIG BOY BED!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I will...

post an update today. I will post an update today. I will post an update today. Oliver faceplanted on the hardwood floor at his sitter's house and broke his widdle nose. I will post an update today. I will post an update today. I WILL POST TODAY!!!