Saturday, March 17, 2012

Delilah is 3 months old!

-Just about out of her 3 months Carter's clothes, for sure the 6 month size is more comfy!

-DROOL DROOL DROOL!!!! Her bibs are totally slimy at the end of the day; we had to get the kind with the waterproof backing to keep her clothes from getting soaked. The days I don't use them, she's soaked to the waist in about 30 minutes flat!

-Chews on/plays with her hands all the time.

-Bats at her toys and is coordinated enough now to get a few into her hands to chew on, especially her rainbow wood ball.

-Prefers to be on her play mat, in her bumbo, or standing on someones lap. She REALLY doesn't like to be held cradled on her back in people's arms. There's too much to see to be laying on her back where she can't see things!

-Gave us her first "real" laugh on her 11 week birthday, and she's done it a couple of times since then (even for Granny and Granddaddo when we went to Arizona to see them this week!)

-Loves to scream and screech when she's happy! Loves to "talk" and let you know how much she is enjoying her day.

-Fights sleep like no one's business. She seldom falls asleep on her own, usually needs "help" which means nursing, getting patted, or being rocked to sleep.

-Out of the reflux wedge for bed! She's now in her crib, but a side effect is that she is waking up in the night again (which is actually more typical for her age anyway, but I will miss my 8-9 hours of sleep!). She usually wakes around 2 or 3 then again at 5 or 6. Eats and is back asleep in 15 minutes flat.

-Still pretty sleepy during the day, but she is starting to have more of a long nap and awake type schedule rather than short little cat naps and awake times during the day.

-Bedtime is around 9 or 10, so getting better!

-When she's fighting sleep, she rubs her hands all over her face (and drags them through the drool) then rubs her hair. She gets some pretty wild hairdos!

-Rolled over on her own for the first time on her 3 month birthday, this picture is actually right after she did it! Does pretty well with tummy time, seems to like looking around from that vantage.
-Her hair has grown about an inch since birth already! It's not really falling out, but it's growing in a golden brown color. It's going to look like she's had a bad dye job pretty soon-golden roots with dark tips! What kind of mom would DO that to their child! LOL
-Oliver loves her to pieces, but we have seen a bit of jealousy and rough play lately, which is normal but still makes Mama sad. For the most part though, he LOVES it when she is laughing or smiling and will often call Shawn and I over to see how he's making her smile or screech at him.
-His behavior has gotten much better with a bit of consistency with the rules (thank you Love and Logic!). He's at the point where we can somewhat reason with him, but is still having a hard time making good decisions the first time around. His mantra when he has to go to time out is "I'll be good NOW!!!" Poor kiddo, mom and dad want to raise an independent son who makes good decisions, is caring and thinks about his actions. Sure is tough to be 4!
-Oliver continues to crack us up. I really don't know where he comes up with some of his ideas and stories! He makes up his own words (did you know that your heart "reclecks" the blood and "shoops" it around until it's all "swiggy" inside your body?). He is so wonderful at wanting and giving hugs and kisses, giving compliments, and just overall being sweet. He has the funniest way of saying things; so adult and yet so "4" at the same time!

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MommyBrain said...

such a great update! goodness gracious, that little miss d is a doll baby! adore all that hair and those cheeks ... and her wardrobe is fantastic! sounds like o is getting things figured out ... it's tough but you're doing great! let's get together already! xoxo