Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss D at 2 months!

Has it really already been two months? This goes by far too fast, especially when I know she'll be our last baby. :-(

At 2 months:
-Sleeps 5-6 hours a night (last night she did 7 1/2! Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I sure appreciated it)
-Takes 3-4 naps, is usually still sleeping more than awake
-Baby party time is down to 9pm-11pm, so bedtime is creeping ever so slowly closer to brothers!
-Wears Carters 3 month sized clothes, although they are starting to get tight. 3-6 month sized in other brands
-Wears size 2 diaper
-REALLY talks and coos when she's being changed or standing on dada's lap
-Still seems to love brother the best!
-She'll kick up onto her side, but doesn't take the roll all the way over
-Sleeps in her wedge at night. Tried the bassinet once, woke up an hour later trying to suck on the sides, I guess she was still hungry!
-Loves her playmat, stares at the birds. Doesn't really grasp toys yet unless you put them in her hands, is just starting to bat at the hanging toys
-Music is good! She loves it just like her brother. If you sing to her the coos go nuts!
-Good at being out and about. Prefers her Ergo carrier to the carseat. I use the infant insert with her still, her legs are still too short to sit in the carrier without it. Makes her warm, but as we are usually outside when she's in it, that's a good thing. We are going to Leavenworth with Ryan, Cristy and Mackenzie this weekend, so the warm carrier will be just the thing for window shopping!
-Ollie continues to be great with her. We've been having some issues with attitude and refusing to follow directions, but it's always directed at Shawn and I, never Delilah (although, I did overhear him saying to her as she was in her swing "You're not that cute, you really aren't..." We had a bit of a talk after that one! It was hard not to laugh...)
-Oliver is so HUGE!!! I tried to carry him in from the car after a playdate yesterday; he was completely asleep. I pulled it off, but felt like I was carrying a teenager! His head was slumped over onto my shoulder and his feet were banging me below the knees. I know I'm no Amazon in the height department, but sheesh. This boy is going to be taller than me in 2nd grade!
-Speaking of school, I went to the Kinder info meeting at my school this week! Crazy to think that my "little" man is going to be in school this fall! We will be taking him to Creekside, and I'm really excited to think about all the good things that he will be learning! I ADORE my school, and can't imagine him going to school anywhere else.

I think that's about it for now. Love my kids!

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