Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delilah at one month

This is Delilah's "4 week" picture, I'm taking weekly pictures of her next to her bear (Ollie named him "Squeaky" because baby sister is so squeaky!) and her bumper to watch how she grows this year. Yes, it is pink overload...Mama loves having a girl!!!!
Just like her brother, she is a sweet, content little baby. She loves her swing, and has started really looking at things in the last week or so. Oliver asks me to stop the swing to give her "sweeties", where he goes over and rubs her forehead while he says "oooohhhh, Sweetie!" Melts me every time!
Speaking of her brother...In the last month, I swear Oliver has grown 4 inches and 10 lbs! People always told me when you bring #2 home, #1 will seem so HUGE and they were right, LOL. He has been AMAZING. We worried he'd be jealous, but I think since he's a bit older, he totally understands when mom needs to feed the baby and can't be with him right that instant. He's heard the phrase "you need to wait" quite a bit lately, but he takes it really well. It's also forced us to quit doing so much for him and he's becoming so much more independent! He loves her to pieces, and likes to get down on her mat and talk to her. He LOVES it when she smiles at him (which she does for him more than anyone else!); I'm sure her first giggles will be from something Oliver does, not for mom and dad!
With A LOT of supervision, Oliver has been warming up to carrying sissy and holding her (it took him about 4 days before he'd hold her when she came home).
Delilah has grown so much in only one month! She's already in #1 diapers, 3 month Carter's clothes instead of her cute newborn outfits, is about 10 lbs. She's been smiling "real" smiles from about two weeks on, and just keeps getting cuter! At the one month mark, she's just starting to coo, and already knows how to melt her father with just one look. We. Are. In. Trouble...
Finally, yes, she is my personal little doll to dress up! I had a short moment of mourning for her cute newborn outfits that she's already grown out of...Shawn and I both adore this outfit; our cousin Kolby sent this onsie when Oliver was born and I loved it so much I kept it for baby #2. I added some cute little rainbow "BabyLegs", and now I have my own Rainbow Bright doll! (Yes, that is an 80's toy reference!)
We are so happy to have Delilah in our lives! This time around is so much more relaxed as we don't get anxious about "is she too cold? too hot? hungry? sleepy?" issues. We figured that the fact Oliver has made it to 4 years old bodes well for Delilah, HA! Now, if I can just get her to stop thinking 9pm-1am is baby awake/party time, life would be perfect. Actually, it pretty much is.

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Debbie said...

Yes, second babies get a much more relaxed mama. Your kids are criminally cute. "Sweeties?" I frickin' cute!